Our Services


We offer full service, from project idea to project implementation, detailed about saving electricity or otherwise, modifications to existing systems. This service also includes creation of new or “factual” schematic engineering drawings, or the improvement of existing ones.


We are guided by customer requirements and assist in the broadest understanding of the needs of modern buildings aiming for systems to be flexible and durable. Our technical and engineering staff work effectively with clients to understand their technological needs and deliver efficient solutions.Call now at 800 132 4567 for immediate electrical service for your commercial building.


We offer our care for a wide range of services in systems maintenance.
Continuous care in testing and maintenance of electrical services increases longevity, avoids costly interruptions, and optimizes performance levels.

The services we provide

01 Hotel management systems

04 Emergency lighting

07 Voice evacuation systems

10 Electricity distribution

13 CCTV video surveillance systems

16 Infrastructure for electrical systems

02 Home Automation

05 Functional and decorative lighting

08 Television systems

11 Access controll systems

14 Fire alarm systems

17 Uninterruptible power supply UPS

03 Report and maintenance strategy

06 Telephone systems

09 Special Systems

12 Electrical panels

15 Data-telephone communication infrastructure

18 Emergency supply, Stand by & Prime generators

Eurosystem Engineering LTD is a company operating in electrical, electronic and telecommunication engineering. The company’s activities include the design, implementation and maintenance of works systems.



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