We see every project as a challenge, which requires simple, effective and contemporary solutions. We offer full service, from project idea to project implementation, detailed about saving electricity or otherwise, modifications to existing systems. We are guided by customer requirements and assist in the broadest understanding of the needs of modern buildings aiming for systems to be flexible and durable. Our technical and engineering staff work effectively with clients to understand their technological needs and deliver efficient solutions. Based on our philosophy our dynamic team offers a reliable partner and trained specialists for modern systems and installations!
In practice we are able to provide:

  • Compliance of the project with the rules and standards
  • Earthing and protection systems
  • Protection against atmospheric emissions
  • Electrical panels
  • Electricity distribution
  • Emergency supply, Stand by & Prime generators
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Infrastructure for electrical systems
  • Data-telephone communication infrastructure
  • Voice evacuation systems
  • CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) video surveillance systems
  • Emergency supply, Stand by & Prime generators
  • Controlled access systems
  • Moisture detection systems
  • Special systems
  • Television systems
  • Telephone systems
  • Server setup
  • Functional and decorative lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Report and maintenance strategy
  • Home Automation
  • Hotel management systems

Our Clients

1st & 2nd Fix

1st Fix


Our first fix containment team
can provide and or install wall
or ceiling mounted cable
tray/basket to any specific

Cable Pulling

We can provide experienced
cable pulling teams ready.

Dead Testing

End to end testing prior to 2nd
fix for continuity, making sure
there are no breaks or damage
to cables.

2nd Fix


Our technicians are
experienced with terminating
industry standard Copper and
Fibre connectors.


Testing all cabling on a project
is vital for our clients. Each completed installation is supplied with documented test results.


We provide certified results
for copper and fibre installations.

Management and Health & Safety

Management of 1st and 2nd fix teams comes as an integral part of the service we provide. We ensure that teams are working efficiently and systematically, avoiding mistakes for a smooth delivery. Our management teams within 1st and 2nd fix deal with day to day tasks on site, liaising with project management, design teams and the cable pulling teams.
Health and safety is always of paramount importance when on site. Our management team are accredited with SSSTS or SMSTS and take health and safety seriously.

Eurosystem Engineering LTD is a company operating in electrical, electronic and telecommunication engineering. The company’s activities include the design, implementation and maintenance of works systems.



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